Delivering functional safety solutions and services
to automotive suppliers and vehicle manufacturers


Automotive Safety Consultancy provides cost-effective safety assurance solutions and techniques for developing automotive systems in compliance with the Road Vehicles – Functional Safety standard ISO 26262.

ISO 26262 is an adaptation of IEC 61508, the generic functional safety standard for electrical and electronic systems. It is considered as the state of the art for the development of safety-related electrical and electronic systems in the automotive industry.

We offer support and guidance to our customers in the development of policies, processes and strategies, which conform to ISO 26262.

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Our mission

We want to continually increase our socio-technical knowledge, in order to deal with the increasing challenges of applying ISO 26262 to evolving automotive technologies, such as Vehicle-to-X (V2X) communication, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

Why ISO 26262?

The ISO 26262 standard was generated to provide guidance to avoid the risk of systematic failures and random hardware failures through achievable process requirements and methods.

There is an increasing use of complex safety-critical electrical and electronic systems. The modern vehicle may have over 90 micro-processors, and over 80% of its functionality is impacted by software. Functional safety is a key in developing engineering practices and processes for these vehicles.

The ISO 26262 standard covers the concept phase, product development at system, hardware and software level, production and operation, supporting processes, ASIL-oriented and safety-oriented analyses and ISO 26262 guidelines.

Benefits of demonstrating compliance to ISO 26262

  • Development of safe systems (vehicles)
  • Reduced recall and warranty costs
  • Sound liability protection in case of litigation
  • Enhanced corporate image - increased sales