Functional Safety (ISO 26262) Consulting

Compliance to an International Standard such as ISO 26262 can be very difficult and cost intensive. It is vital to meet ISO 26262 Functional Safety requirements for many processes.

These processes have become part of the Quality Management systems of many vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.

Automotive Safety Consultancy consultants are experienced in providing the following functional safety consulting services in the following areas:

ISO 26262 Gap Analysis

We assist companies in identifying gaps between their current process and requirements of a compliant ISO 26262 process.

We offer professional guidance on how to remove the gap and develop strategies to have an ISO 26262 compliant process, which may also be aligned to companies engineering processes.

Our Gap Analysis outcomes may result in the following attributes for each gap comparison:

  • Operating satisfactorily
  • Some issues found
  • Not in place

ISO 26262 Work Products

We give guidance in delivering the concept phase, product development phase work products.

This includes guidance on:

  • Preparation for audits and assessments
  • Hardware metrics calculations
  • ASIL decomposition
  • Tool qualification
  • Qualification of hardware and software components

Safety analysis

We will give you guidance through your safety analysis techniques, such as the HARA, FMEA, FTA, FMEDA, FMECA, Dependent Failure Analysis and Common Cause Analysis

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